Utilize Hashtags for Your Social Media Marketing

This week I am going to write about Twitter hashtag. I thought, why not write about value of hashtag in social media marketing and put all the information in one place.

Let’s start at the beginning.

People have questions in their mind that “What is hashtag”?

Basically hashtag is a combination of words or you may say phrases (with no space), preceded by #Sign (i.e. #MomentsINeverForget or #FifaWorldCup) this is used to bind various social media posts together and relate them to a topic you require. Posts are sometimes related to events, TV shows, Sporting events or any happening or trends of your choice. Initially, hashtag were created on Twitter, but today it can be used on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tumblr.

But the question is who created hashtag and why?

“The hashtag was first brought to Twitter on August 23, 2007 by Chris Messina. By using a hashtag in a social post, it increases social network adoption of conversation automatically on Twitter accurately and display the same hashtag messages with the others participated. Well! It helped Chris in developing his detailed suggestion for using hashtag on Twitter.”

Utilize Hashtag on Twitter                         

Hashtag is a searchable dialogue, it is an easy way to create live conversation or engagement for tracking interests by people such as #Skydiving. Twitter has its own history, originally, hashtag is a mashup word preceded by the pound sing or hash symbol (#) and “Tag” is computer system lingo referring to a keyword or term assigned to a particular piece of information to describe it. People include hashtag into their tweets on Twitter. Now it also used in other social media.

It performs as a label, allowing people to search on Twitter and quickly find tweet relating to a given subject. It’s basically a user convention, making tweets with common subject with so many different words and topics available to label any given subject.  Hashtag can be set anywhere in a tweet—beginning, middle or end. Hashtag can immediately provide tweets about a particular subject can help other Twitter users to keep up fast.

I found it really interesting that how hashtag might develop interest, if you are creating successful social media marketing, hashtag should be playing a vital role of your campaign because people are seeing more adoption with a particular topic.


Every perfect brand hashtag have some key ingredients, they need to be descriptive, catchy and most importantly, be unique. Being on Twitter if you want to boost awareness and promotion hashtag campaign works best. You can share photos, provide information and tagging your tweet properly will reach out to your target audience.

Hashtag is a key part of social media marketing. In fact, 71 percent of people on social media use hashtag, but always Keep your hashtag short, descriptive and catchy, easy to spell. Thanks to the flexibility of the hashtag.

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